Perfect Nice Swing Bitch T-Shirt

Watch out there. It’s a slippery slope to cake for dinner with a jug of soda. Then you’ve gained 70 pounds in two years’ time and 8 years later you still haven’t lost all the weight. And have lost a couple of teeth to the bad habits that you had for those couple years of wanton soda and cake because dental care is too expensive and the rot continues even for years after you stop. Ask me how I know. I used to play schoolteacher as a kid who thought it would be the most fun in the world. I’ve been doing it for several years for real now, and while I do enjoy it, it’s not the same kind of fun. To remind me, I keep hanging on my classroom wall a photograph of the 6-year-old me explaining something on a child’s blackboard.

Perfect Nice Swing Bitch T-Shirt

Isn’t it weird how we are so excited to organize things when we have nothing that needs organizing, but when we do have stuff that needs organization we see it as a chore? Kinda funny. I guess you need to go back into that mindset, the one where you surrounded by colorful binders and neatly kept papers. Thought I was the only one. Seriously think an adult neighbor pulled me out of swimming in a drainage ditch one time. It’s one of those early morning invasive thoughts I’d prefer to forget. Also, where the fuck were my parents. As a kid, we used to swim in a pond that was mud at the bottom with areas you knew to avoid due to the leeches and that we would occasionally have to evacuate for a while so my uncle could kill the snapping turtle that had come a’calling. Now my aunt has an above ground pool 50’ from that pond and my spoiled niece & nephew & cousins have no idea what it’s like to sink your toes down into that muck. And adult me would avoid that like the plague.

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