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He knows. He handed his entire government over to Heritage, and he and McConnell only started to “get along” when Trump decided to publicly start focusing on the courts. You can pretty much tell that McConnell gave him an ultimatum on the courts, that it was either that or they’d let him get impeached or the investigator’s full reign, and then they’d just let Pence take his place. Trump became a happy puppet for the party establishment when they said they’d protect all his corruption in exchange for helping them hijack the government further

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That’s so true. Trump is willing to go against the GOP and do a big stimulus — not because he gives a shit about anyone but just in a craven attempt to win at any cost… meanwhile GOP is like “so long and thanks for all the judges!”Republicans won’t pass a stimulus in the lame duck. They are about to pretend they are fiscally conservative deficit hawks. They want to hold off and have Biden pass the stimulus so deficit numbers may not continue to look so lopsided in favor of democrat rule. Doesn’t digging a bigger economic hole just build Joe up as an even bigger hero when help finally arrives, though?

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