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The irony from the Right is truly overwhelming. Their rhetoric right now is all about how liberals are “sheeple.” All the while, they are so tuned into a single narrative (News Corps’ narrative) that they don’t see that all of their talking points originate as accusations against THEMSELVES. Remember back in 2015/16 when the term “fake news” was newly coined to describe conspiracy theories and right-wing news sources? And in less than a year, Team Trump had made the phrase a right-wing standard attack.

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Oktoberfest Pandemie Modus 2020 Beer Mask Shirt

Trump started attacking the left with the “fake news” label to distract from the “fake news” that were used to influence the election throughout social media in 2016. It was after it became widespread knowledge that fake news was a phenomenon that helped him that he stole it and reversed it. He did this very quickly if I recall correctly.

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