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This is all further compounded by access to speedy voting. In more populous areas, lines at voting centers can take hours. This has gotten worse recently as voting locations have been “consolidated.” So much so that in the primaries alone, voters in Texas waited over six hours in line to vote. Presidential election day is looking to be worse. When I was living in Washington they would send me a ballot without me having to request it, which was as convenient as it gets. Fill it out, sign, seal, drop it back in the mailbox for the mailman to pick back up. If I remember correctly, it didn’t even require postage. They also sent a booklet with candidates’ personal statements, a list of major endorsements from outside groups, and arguments for and against each ballot question.

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In my county, you can vote up to three weeks early 5 days a week 8 am-5 pm and Saturday/Sunday before the election at the Board of Elections office. That and anyone can request a mail-in ballot. I’m not exactly from a major metropolitan area, so I thought this sort of thing was standard. originally it was a scheme to make it easier for people to vote. The majority of people used to make a living in agriculture and since most didn’t live in cities but rather rural areas it would take 1 day to get to their voting place. Sunday was seen as impractical since everyone went to mass and Wednesday was market day for farmers. So Tuesday was picked as it was seen as the most convenient option. The fact it’s in November also has to do with farm culture. Spring and summer and early fall were seen as impractical since that’s when planting and harvesting take place. By November the harvest has been completed and it’s not yet harsh winter weather.

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