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Neil Degrasse Tyson made a good point on a podcast; basically, when you get cremated all of your energy is wasted by burning, but when you are in the ground your energy gets utilized by the earth (bugs, bacteria, etc.). A long-winded way of saying, burial in the ground; regardless I’m dead so I won’t know any different. My mom wants her ashes mixed in and planted with a pine tree on top. The ashes contain plenty of potassium and some calcium that would be great for the tree, and when it incorporates the ash atoms into its own structure, we can technically say she lives on in the sapling, forever strong, vibrant, and growing even in the adversity of the cold winter months.

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I used to believe I wanted no service, but after my grandfather died, and trust me, he was not a man that wanted a service at all. So we didn’t have a full service, just a gathering of friends and family, and had dinner, and I realized that the service isn’t about the deceased, in a way, but rather a way for your loved ones to achieve closure and share stories and such. So my wishes aren’t anything grand, just a place for my loved ones to find peace.