Official Baby It’s Covid Outside Christmas Shirt

I used to chew, and I admit it was a gross habit, but seeing a girl do it ist just a next-level turnoff. The girl in my dorm had done some modeling, everyone was obsessed with her. One night at a party are the guys were around her as usual, and she just whipped out her can and threw in the biggest tip I’d ever seen. Of course, being a bunch of horny 18-year-olds most of the guys weren’t affected by it at all, but I watched about half of the guys just politely excuse themselves as she’s still all giggly and pretty with shit falling out of her mouth.

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It forces your body to store all the nutrition and energy it receives as fat and so thoroughly screws up your metabolism that the stored fat can never be used leaving you lethargic and well… incredibly fat. Like an ass hanging out of the bottom of your shirt fat. Telling a person with this kind of sugar-induced obesity to exercise is condescending. Their body literally can’t do it and even if they apply herculean effort the weight will all come back.

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