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Did they try to incorporate any social distancing or mask-wearing orders? Our gyms have been open for months with zero issues, it’s by appointment and social distancing as well as strict cleaning procedures. I think if the state just came to me and said sorry your business is closed, we aren’t going to change any of your monthly bills or give you a stipend to keep you afloat or let me even try to open safely I would have a problem with it. If anyone on here can say that they would be ok with ANYONE for ANY REASON coming in and telling you, “sorry your livelihood is over because we said so” and not have a problem with it I would be shocked.

Nice The Tigers Abbey Road Signatures Shirt

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I’m pretty local to this. Everyone hates this guy. He’s not from the area and he’s just overtly a dick. Apparently the co-owner – not trumpet, someone who loaned them money or something – said that all the gyms were joining together to do a mass reopen. This ass-hat opened earlier than the rest to “take the brunt” or whatever, but we all fucking know it was just to appeal to shit-heads who wanna give him money. Talks real big about his time in jail and how it changed him, but motherfucker better start talking about how KILLING someone while driving drunk changed him. Local town pages on FB find him revolting except for fellow douchebags who like to call everyone else “sheep” for not liking him while just spouting off paraphrased versions of his Instagram posts. Ffs ill be glad to get rid of his drama.

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