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You were locked in your apartments and homes for two months with your television and your smartphones. You were bombarded with propaganda and fear mongered while all forms of release were denied to you. You could not exercise, you could not worship, you could not gather amongst your friends or family. An atmosphere of fear was created around you. You have been boiled into steam and compressed into a state of volatility. Then you were aimed like a weapon and given a release. It’s not hard to see the targets. Your local economy, private property, your local police. Be mindful that you were redirected or dispersed should you have taken aim at your local politicians or political bodies.

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It will only be a matter of time before those who say the words are set upon those who do not. Too many have already, in their minds, given themselves to the whims of authority. What the orthodoxy of media, government, and a plethora of corporations and billionaires say to be, they will believe to be. I honestly don’t understand these anti-maskers. Do they actually have a problem breathing with a mask on? Is it real or is it in their heads, because I’ve never had an issue? Do they object because someone’s telling them what to do and they’re like little children yelling

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