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I was really surprised when I discovered that some people can’t visualize objects in their minds.I get that not everyone can move around inside a visualized 3d space(like imagining yourself walking through a house and “looking around”). But some people can’t even “see” a picture of a tree in their mind when they think of trees. As someone with a totally blind mind’s eye, I was much more surprised when I learned “visualizing” didn’t mean just try and think of as many properties as possible (size, color, simple or complex shape, texture, etc). Seems like wizard stuff to me :p

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To me, it is almost like I am imagining a written list. You tell me to think of a ball, so I “write down” the word ball. It has no properties attached to it, it is just a word. You can tell me to add properties like size and color, and I can “wrote down” those too and recite them back, but there is nothing visual or physical. It really does just feel like you are reading a piece of paper that says “There is a blue ball, 10cm diameter in front of you”. No picture. So what happens if you read a description of a tree? Do you just think of the separate components as they’re being described, but you can’t hold the final image in your mind as “tree”?So what happens if you read a description of a tree?

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