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They scurry for Toilet paper heated up only a week ago. Factor in “tight quartered bum rush shopping” really brought WAY MORE people starting last Tuesday, we are not just gonna spike… we are about to have a ‘detonation’ of some yield. Then we will find out the real teeth in 7-10 days this bastard really has. Hang in there everyone. My friend is an EMT in Vegas and told me people are dying in the hallways of hospitals and they’re having to reuse and share respirators on patients because they don’t have any. Sure, Mr. President, Charlie Sheen winning.

Nice Dachshund Daon Flower Shirt


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How is Trump getting away with this? He will turn the US into an epicenter for the virus but somehow is popularity is maintaining? This behavior will lead to many, many deaths. At this time, I’m very proud of our Gov in Ireland who have done all the things medical experts have told them to do. We have placed value on our people and the vulnerable over the economy. I genuinely for the direction the US is going.