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Nice China For Biden Shirt 2nd Amendment. The people to “keep and bear arms”. At the time, this would be widely understood to encompass the armaments commonly used in the war at the time. Flintlock muskets and handguns, swords, maybe cannons, etc. Should that limited, original meaning constrain modern interpretation? Or should it include arms that are employed today, like machine guns or drones? Textualism lends itself to a “left-wing” interpretation in the first example. The “right-wing” outcome in the second example. This is why it’s important for people who view it. The world as being organized on a Left-to-Right spectrum needs to be careful about kicking decisions like this. The courts – jurists have other spectrums, other philosophies, that apply to their work. Much safer, and more predictable, to pass a clear and unambiguous law in the first place, or to explicitly amend it to fix an issue later.

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