My Favorite Teacher Calls Me Mom Shirt

That’s just what Trump, Right-Wing icons, and Conservatism as a whole are doing. They’re using levels of force above what their opponents are prepared for. They’re not winning by being smart or correct; they’re winning by metaphorically shooting your dog and then looting your house while you’re still in shock. And it only took Democrats 20 years to suspect as such, so yay for that I guess.

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My Favorite Teacher Calls Me Mom Shirt

People are weird. Once an idea manages to ingrain itself into our mind and become a belief, it can be very, very difficult to get it out or change it. As long as there is ‘evidence’ that supports that belief that looks or sounds right at a glance, we’re inclined to just continue believing it. And at this age, there is good looking ‘evidence’ to support basically any belief you could possibly have.

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