Massage Is The Answer Who Cares What Question Is Shirt

Do you know what’s funny about them to? Their food is always just a copy of meat would think they’d call their food something else but no “vegan chicken” so…its, not chicken if it’s not actually chicken. Lmao. Backwards. I say if she wants to reshape your life she doesn’t love you and wants to love someone in her own image. That doesn’t love that’s toxic. I’m not saying dump her but you should stand your ground and if she leaves you over a cats diet then she doesn’t love you. I’m vegan, and this girl’s beliefs on cats are really crazy to me. Keeping Mittens was the correct choice.

Massage Is The Answer Who Cares What Question Is Hoodie

Massage Is The Answer Who Cares What Question Is Shirt

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She also sounds completely fucking delusional and pretty typically “extreme vegan”. Its almost like she forgets carnivores exist. You dodged a bullet dumping that thing. Does your ex-girlfriend know how many small mammals die from harvesting plants every year? 1.3 million in 2017. I have no idea how they would accurately guess that so its more than likely more. Send her those numbers. In an ironic twist of fate OP sorta did more of a vegan thing than even his zealous GF could – ditched a deluded human in favor of an animal.

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