Life Stinks I Like The Kinks Shirt

Moreso they should be given the choice for voluntary unemployment during the crisis. Just because they chose a job doesn’t mean they chose it to accept the risk to their life or health, the people being laid-off now can at least get unemployment and be safe at home. There’s no reason we all shouldn’t have the option to be safe, the companies can adapt and offer work from home or hazard compensation to keep people and let those that feel it’s unsafe to be laid-off.

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Life Stinks I Like The Kinks Shirt

As a person staying at home during this, yes do it. I use delivery, grocery pick-up, healthcare, gas (but only to drive to grocery pick-up and healthcare!), internet, and so on. Even jobs that aren’t public-facing carry some risk. Essential personnel can’t stay home and should be compensated for that risk.

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