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Some of the things people are saying to be fake are simple miss understandings. Like the whole Anne giving Hellen “signals” using her hands is pretty strange to me that’s just how deaf-blind people sign instead of seeing signs they feel it. It’s like if you were to draw letters on your hand and feeling what was drawn. With practice, you can do it too! Just instead of drawing letters, it is sign language signs. A lot of the methods used for teaching Hellen Keller are still used. It’s really interesting and fascinating. A lot of the things in the conspiracy theories are just missing understandings. That with a bit of looking into how Hellen and others like her are taught.

LGBT Resist Fist Vintage Hand Pansexual Flag Color Gift Shirt

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It’s part of a bit where they try to prove ridiculous conspiracy theories. They’re supposed to go the whole hog and really double down to convince the others. The problem is the theory seems to be picking up some unexpected traction as I see it anytime Keller is mentioned now. He has the audacity to brush off Helen Keller as a “retard” but he’s already lost all credibility: his ass is where his head should be. Does Helen Keller have the SAME beliefs as her TEACHER and essential life partner??? Oh my God!

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