In October We Wear Pink Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

Also simply being able to say “we are the company that cured Covid” will be worth billions in the long term. You’d become to most famous vaccine company in the world overnight and be able to attract the best talent in the world. That’s the number one reason I give when people say that there’s a cure for cancer, but it’s being held back so that the drug companies can make more money treating it instead. I explain that the drug company that cures cancer will basically be printing money. I often need to explain this to my coworkers. And we work with clinical trial drugs.

In October We Wear Pink Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

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Yea because making sure you have a healthy and educated workforce is a bad thing. America is so fucking backward right now. The Republicans literally seem to think that an unhealthy uneducated workforce is a benefit. Just driving us down the drain. It’s because of WHO, bad!! was a thing on Fox News and right-wing twitter for a week, and Trump’s existence is predicated on servicing that audience. He doesn’t have enough brain cells to even have an ideology about how vaccines should be distributed, he’s never thought about it for a second.

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