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At the point of a pandemic, the goal is not to get rid of the disease but attempt to let it do its a thing to as few people as possible, and the best-case scenario is to find a vaccine or definite treatment plan as quickly as possible. So far neither of those things has been done and in my opinion, we are way too late for a national quarantine. We of course don’t know for sure, but going on what we know about how viruses like this spread and what we currently know about the virus, the conservative estimates are that if it’s not contained by drastic measures now, 200,000+ people could die and over 200 million people in the US could become infected.

I’m Here For The Frogs Halloween Shirt

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The scary part about it is that about 20% of all cases are asymptomatic, meaning you can feel completely healthy but still infect everyone you come into contact with. So imagine going to work at a retirement home or something being an asymptomatic carrier, forgetting to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after rubbing your eyes, and suddenly you give one or more elderly patients the virus, it can just spread like wildfire.