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You seem to be confusing the cause and the effect. The economic exploitation in both the present and the past doesn’t and hasn’t (largely) come about because of Islamophobia/the othering of Muslims. Rather, this othering and fear/aversion has been (and is being) cultivated and normalized to enable economic exploitation. Yet the only rights we hear about being fought for, are LGBTQ+. Everyone deserves the right to live in peace, but compare the number of LGBTQ people to the number of people that have lost everything in their lives as a result of western oppression and you’d realize wow there’s something terribly wrong with the media.

I Like Coffee And My Vinyl Records And Maybe 3 People Shirt

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I’m a professional historian, and, while I am not a medievalist, I feel reasonably sure of my solid footing when speaking to the basics (read: existence) of this topic’s deep roots. Though, you’d have to speak to a professional medievalist like /u/SunAgainstGold (please feel free to correct me if I’ve slipped up, Sun!) to get a clearer picture if you’d like to do further research on the topic. Historically speaking, we can see this trend of exploitation and cultivation of Islamophobia for fun and profit (sorry, a bit of cynical humor there as a defense when working with a very unfunny topic) on prominent display beginning at least as early as the Europe of the High Middle Ages.

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