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But they had a technicality that allowed them to disenfranchise likely-Democrat voters and at the same time put those same demographics at risk of being too dead to vote in November. It’s like an onion filled with maggots. Layers of disgusting filth all the way to the core. I think when safer at home was enacted we should have begun talking about the election immediately. The ability of the governor to change the format of the election certainly deserves to be tested in court, regardless of which party is currently holding power. What becomes really fascinating is the case law that was cited in the decision, some of it literally predates the state of Wisconsin.

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2020 – amidst a global pandemic the Wisconsin governor attempts to extend the deadline for absentee voting as polling stations drop out. Meanwhile, police are arresting people who are outside because of a statewide stay at home order… Republicans sue to block counting of absentee ballots that are postmarked after the state primary. They lose in the lower courts but the US Supreme Court fast tracks the case and ruled in favor of Wisconsin Republicans.