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Oh my god, that was cathartic. I feel like it’s really going to be over soon. I’m fiercely proud of Vice President Harris and President Biden. It’s time to heal. My children are young and have grown up with chaos and hate on the news and in the government. They haven’t seen their friends in school since April. They know Trump’s behavior was wrong. This is a victory for all of our children. Those poor babies were taken from their families especially. I will sleep well tonight for the first time in a long long while. Thank you to all of the Americans who voted and waited in line for hours

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I know Bidens been chosen because he can help bridge the divide in this country, but it’s going to take a lot for me to stop hating Trump supporters. Many of them are still spouting bullshit about the votes being fake and the courts fixing the election. They still deny his ties to Russia. They still hate immigrants, and can’t wait to see McConnell obstruct legislation at every turn. Democrats are once again extending an olive branch to Republicans, but I have lost hope in them changing the Planet Earth is cheering, literally. Our glimmer of hope to combat climate change is back.

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