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While I do think Wayne is being used he can still have opinion support whoever he wants and he shouldn’t be a judge the level of retardation need to be mad at this is so dumb and people are acting like he is a bad person for his opinion back folks can vote for whomever they want. I don’t suddenly become unblack if I decide to not vote democrat. This is some toxic ass bullshit. I’m used to being downvoted at this point for expressing a viewpoint that goes against “my people” but you don’t own me and I ain’t your “people” just because we’re the same color.

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The fact that more black folks ESPECIALLY black males are voting is important regardless of the candidate. If only the white saviors on Reddit understood that instead of trying to make black folks a slave to their political party. I have a feeling you guys throw around the word racist too much as if everyone is a racist. If it’s Obama or Clinton or Biden apparently everyone forgets how they increased racial issues. Why is everyone one-sided haha?

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