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I live in Allegheny County (right outside of Pittsburgh) and four years ago I was so ashamed that my state went red. Today I am proud that we went blue and we won Joe the White House. I actually feel like crying right now. We have a bumpy road ahead but for the first time in a long time, I am proud to be American. The sense of sheer relief and the immense, immediate decrease in stress and anxiety is so difficult to put into words. It’s almost overwhelming in a good way. There is no longer a feeling of impending doom. I’m confident that we will no longer have to worry about what kind

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Which political or pop culture enemy he called a middle school bully type nickname, and about a million other insane, never before seen acts of idiocy he attempted during the past 4 years. Joe Biden will bring decency, respect, and morality back to the highest office in our land in a fashion that Trump couldn’t possibly fathom with his tiny, narcissistic, intellectually impaired, morally bankrupt mind. Let us not forget the real heroes in this election, the phone/tablet/laptop batteries that carried us through what must have been billions of refreshes this week. We thank you for your sacrifice.

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