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Right, like record low unemployment, historic production returns, and a massive boost to the spending power of minorities. Ya know until we shut down the economy. Cause covid or whateva.unemployment was low because many people had multiple jobs and could not earn a solid living with just one. production jobs have not seen a net gain in the last four years and the spending power of minorities has remained largely the same. I mean do you have any data or analysis to support your claims, particularly the last one which I have not seen evidence for?

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The stats are tracked annually and even monitored for quarterly changes. You can shift through it if you’d like. I encourage it. I’m not following you on the unemployment being tied to people working multiple jobs. Are people employed, or aren’t they? One person with two part-time jobs doesn’t discount one underemployed or unemployed person, thus the unemployment stats aren’t impacted by it. Production jobs HAVE seen a marked improvement. Literally brought several companies (auto for one) back into the country.

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