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I mean, that’s kind of his schtick. He lies so fast and so often, that by the time you fact-checked one lie, he’s already ten lies ahead of that original lie and now we’re talking about that! Even the Top Minds at CNN can’t keep up. It’s really up to Joe Biden to know the lies Trump is going to peddle (not that hard, just look for all caps buzzwords on his twitter, and you should know what’s coming) ahead of time, call out his gish Gallup for what it is, set the record straight and call out this motherfucker at the same time.

Hocus Pocus I Need Monster To Focus Shirt


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Not to mention that Trump tends to make the same lies over and over again, they could make up the script for debunks for each of those. why wait until the debates? I was just reading the Trump meeting in Kenosha with the “owner” of the 113-year-old camera business, turned out to be the former owner. The current owner of 8 years declined Trump’s photo op.