Good Love Chemically Speaking Alcohol Is A Solution Shirt

From basically everyone I know and to every Democratic voter in us: Thank you. You did it! You kicked that fat fascist* fuck out of the office while he tried to destroy your country. Finally. This national nightmare is starting to end. Now to get the senate majority so we can have some real stimulus, real COVID response and the beginning of restoring American am from Germany. We elected an even bigger asshole and psychopath about 90 years back. And everybody knows how that went. So again. Thank you! Be proud of your achievement.

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Welcome back USA! Please bring back the science, be the lead activist for environmental protection, be the ally of the free world, and most importantly, please unite the country and provide Americans the best healthcare and prosperity that they need. Four years ago we were surprised, disappointed, and wondering, what’s the worst that could happen? Surely we didn’t expect that 4 years later we would be looking back at the smoldering ruins of our federal government, gutted by cronyism, ineptitude, and what seems like pure malice.

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