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Such an incredible shame; over in the UK, Van Halen was pretty much the gateway band for us 14-16-year-olds first getting into rock back in the 80s, no matter where your tastes led you later. Most of my friends bought guitars because of Eddy (although I sometimes wonder how many kept it up when we parted and went to university, and then Nirvana et all changed the market irrevocably away from cock rock…) but even now, decades later, I can’t hear the albums without being transported back to those youthful days of cheesy emotions and embarrassing nights.

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It’s often the first album you hear that becomes your favorite, so for me, the big one was “5150”. Late nights lying on a bed with a cassette, dreaming of when “Love Comes Walking In” and air-guitaring along to “Summer Nights”. But there’s something phenomenal to be found on every album, even when finally catching up decades later and my tastes are far heavier now…

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