Funny I’Ve Got Personality You Can’T Handle Shirt

In this paradigm, the broader law enforcement establishment (but particularly ICE and the DHS) are the SS, whereas the PB’s and other far-right paramilitaries are definitely the SA. They’re the drunken, marauding street-fighters who Trump (or whoever the next fascist to run on the Republican ticket ends up being) will use to quell opposition and consolidate his power. Like the SA. They’ll be purged the moment they stop being useful.

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I'Ve Got Personality You Can'T Handle Shirt

All I want is a fair election. As long as we get that I will accept whoever wins and continue to criticize and gove my input accordingly. If militias or anyone else posts up near my voting place it’s going to lead to violence. The left in this state has been slowly moving towards the idea that violence is an acceptable response to oppression.

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