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Fuck all these pussies with guns. Scared little losers shouldn’t be allowed to point fuckin guns at people’s heads. This piece of shit better be sitting behind a desk taking calls because he’s obviously unfit and no where near tough enough to be on the streets. When will the police finally be held accountable? Until then it’s open season on civilians so I say we start putting down as many cops as possible. They want a war than give it to me. Fuck every last one of em. No such thing as a good cop in this world. Monkey see monkey do. One pulls his weapon for no reason the others follow suit.

Frequent Flyer Vintage Bat And Witch Halloween Party T-Shirt


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This is so fucking scary, he is shaking with anger because his power trip isn’t working, I swear I heard him cock the hammer as be took his gun out. And the responding officers do absolutely nothing to tell him to lower his gun, I don’t want to think about what would have happened if they hadn’t shown up though. You can see his hands visibly shaking as he is pulled away, we can’t have the unstable morons on our police forces, this makes me so frustrated.