Dean Winchester Eye Of The Tiger Shirt

Good. The left Dean Winchester Eye Of The Tiger Shirt needs to understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. If no one has noticed the federal government tends to take a lighter approach to far-right groups after Waco and other incidents. Just look at how they handled the Ammon Bundy takeover of federal land. They waited back and didn’t order a siege to take him down. The left needs to arm themselves just like the right. Even if you don’t see a day of conflict breaking out. The very least you can better defend yourself and your home instead of hoping police can do their job. An added bonus at any protest with a large open carry contingent will make police think twice about confronting the group with excessive force. 2A people aren’t looking to use their firearms. they aren’t looking for trouble. Many anti-2a people have in their heads that 2a people are just itching. To unload their firearms against anyone that affronts them.

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