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I don’t know, retiring to a huge lake house with millions in the bank and a six-figure pension doesn’t sound that bad. That’s what Paul Ryan did and he wasn’t even 50 years old at the time. Can he sleep at night knowing that he helped facilitate this mess? He probably doesn’t turn on the tv. I think Paul Ryan is betting that Trump is going to crash and burn. He bailed so he can sweep back in 2021 and become the face of a GOP that collectively goes “Donald Who?” Yeah apparently Trump above the law because this is just another in a long list of illegal things he’s done.

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The best possible type of Onion article today would be something along the lines of “Trump does something reasonable, respectable, intelligent and decent”. What’s funny is news was all pissed about the conflict of interest, but my immediate reaction was “Doesn’t this guy have important things to be doing right now?”. Like the countries essentially on fire now and he’s doing a photo op for a single supporter of his. One fucking supporter. Does he have that few supporters and that much free time? This is an insult to Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. His response to the crises in his time was better than Trump’s response to COVID.

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