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As a veteran, I’ve become very aware of the positive impacts that he’s had on the VA. The Democrats had a plan in place to cut funding to the VA. Trump got the rot out of the VA, firing around 300 people for all manner of crimes and reforming the organization. Recently, he chose to make a few cuts to the VA and people didn’t get why. Everything he’s done towards the VA has been for the greater good.

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Number 1 is f’n bs. Trump’s salary is $400,000 a year meaning he has donated $1,600,000 back to the government. His golf trips alone have cost around $141,000,000. Meaning a net government loss of $139,400,000. To top it off lots of his trips were to his own hotels and clubs. That means he paid his own companies so he could golf. I know Obama golfed as well but this statement pisses me off.

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