Charlie Brown I Still Miss David Bowie Shirt

As a woman, I can tell you the simpler answer I can think of: “no need to tiptoe, just understand that maybe when you are losing blood, having cramps, and feeling exhausted, having to remind to check it doesn’t stain your clothes, ect.. can put someone in a less tolerant mood than usual, physically and mentally. Compare it to being sick and exhausted, you just need it to pass and it’s ok again.” Its kind of all it is. And like when someone feels sick it’s always nice to being care of a little, even if its just simple things that can help to have just 1 thing less to think about.

Men have emotions and can legitimately feel insecure or inadequate without being childish or emotionally immature. Impossible to explain if your goal is not to hear about “toxic masculinity” and actually want to be said the woman to understand that she can have an impact on how a man feels and feels about himself. Dude buys a skirt steak. Rub olive oil and salt/pepper on each side. Broil it on top rack for 8 min aside and then let it sit for 10 to 15 min. Easy as fuck and comes out great every time. I make it for my sister and GF all the time and they love it.

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