Books Coffee And Chocolate Make Me Feel Less Murder Shirt

Skyhook(or gravity slingshot), basically having an object in a planetary orbit around the earth that will effectively make rocket fuel obsolete, by using our planets own gravity to launch an attached ship out of earth’s atmosphere in the trajectory of another planet such as mars and then once we have some type of residency set up on mars build one there as well to get us farther and farther into the solar system. I’m no rocket scientist but kurzgesagt has a great video about it and its possibilities in our lifetime

Books Coffee And Chocolate Make Me Feel Less Murder Hoodie

Books Coffee And Chocolate Make Me Feel Less Murder Shirt

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My personal theory is that in the future, servers will be quantum computers, and our phones/PCs will just be thin clients. The quantum servers will do all the processing for us, then send back the data, and our client PCs/phones will only need to process the data that will be displayed. This is how it worked before personal computers, except the servers were local since the internet didn’t exist.

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