Back To School Ish 2020 2021 Shirt

If you live in a blue area, hell anywhere in this goddamn country, and you already know who you’re going to vote for and can mail in your ballot now, do it. Mail it in as soon as you physically can. and that has nothing to do with politics, I don’t want to see people having it go out on Election Day if they don’t have to. COVID is not going to be gone by November.

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Back To School Ish 2020 2021 Shirt

To put things into perspective for how long the delays ALREADY are, I’ve been waiting on a package through USPS that is sitting in my city’s sorting facility for over a week now.
When things ramp up for mail-in voting, around the same time that holiday shopping will also be taxing the system, I can see some mail taking a month or more to get through.

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