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I don’t know, the show wasn’t bad and conceptually it had a lot of great ideas. But I just didn’t like a lot of the execution. Especially the pacing of it. I’ll have to let it sink in for a couple of days and rewatch it. But those are just a few of my initial thoughts. All of this. My expectations were high just because I saw a couple of reviews that hyped it up but it felt pretty bland. The non-god characters were boring and didn’t get much to do at all, and I don’t think the people behind the show are fully utilizing the wealth of mythology they have.

Awesome Rip Sean Connery 007 You Really Are A Shite For Shore Eyesh Shirt


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The show literally starts with a disclaimer that this is a “lost” story of Greek myth. That was my first clue that this show was going to be decent at best. None of the gods really seemed to act how they probably would according to the myths aside from Hera. I have no doubt that OG Zeus would have killed Heron himself if Hera told him to, but they tried to make him the good guy here because “he loved Heron’s mother, for realsies.” And then of course there’s the Christian-influenced view of Hades, implying that he’s the real big bad even after he’d been neutral in the war.