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Obviously his contract states that his show is unedited. Probably a clause that says that if they do edit it he gets to leave and take all of the money. It’s probably much easier to lose some staff that refuses to do their job properly than it is to lose the #1 podcast. If they screw up the contract and he gets to keep the money I wonder if he would even continue to do the podcast? Well so far it’s honestly not even that bad just that people keep crying about it on here, legitimate concerns definitely but so far the only issue.

Awesome Raccoon whisperer shirt

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Yea I’m really curious if people think this massive deal went down without a contract that covers everything under the sun regarding these issues – with lawyers to assure both parties understand. Things can’t just happen because people want them to. Contracts dictate relationships. Any deal like this has contractual obligations for both sides, and Rogan claimed repeatedly that Spotify has no editorial control over his show.


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