Awesome Love Nurse Pumpkin Shirt

Accidents at home from people working on home repair projects they haven’t had the time to do while working at the office. Also, kids playing constantly at home in the yard and with the neighbor kids and getting hurt or killed doing it. Domestic disturbances resulting in murder. And suicide. We were unable to visit her during this time and could only interact with doctors and nurses via telephone, when we could actually reach anyone because they were inundated with other Calls from other folks asking about other patients.

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Awesome Love Nurse Pumpkin Shirt

I know of a woman that died due to a burst appendix because she was so scared to go to the ER because of the fact that she could catch COVID there. A burst appendix, something that is so easy to catch and operate on before it leads to a problem. She got to the hospital and it was too late. I don’t think these deaths are directly linked to COVID being the cause. A lot of people are avoiding the ER until it’s too late because it’s what the media has been telling us to do from the beginning.

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