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I work at Burger King and I’ve stopped asking customers to wear masks. I’ve had so many of them become aggressive that I become fearful of my safety, especially because I’m small I won’t be able to defend myself. It’s just frustrating how so many people disregard the safety of others. That’s an issue that ought to be going up the management ladder. It shouldn’t be your problem. Sorry, you’re fucking with that and hopefully, you can say goodbye to that job soon enough.

Awesome Donald Trump Yo Semite Shirt


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Short of having some kind of security guard or LE at every store, this is currently a very very difficult problem to solve. Impart of small business and I always take it upon myself to tell people to wear their mask when im there, but I cant always be there. Sure the law is on our side but that doesn’t matter at the moment when assholes want to be violent because a 17-year-old girl asks them to wear a mask.

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