A Queen Was Born On September 29th I Am Who I Am Your Approval Isn’t Needed Shirt

I think when trump transitioned people around him tried to treat him like a normal president for a bit. He had a normal-ish chief of staff, his schedule was packed with meetings and calls. And Trump was fuckin miserable. The man hasn’t worked a day in his life and now he had his schedule booked 10 hours a day every day. Now 3 years later he has no staff. He has no schedule. He sits around and maybe a meeting or two a day, maybe a photo OP. The rest is his “executive time”. Yea I don’t think people like that really are getting just how batshit insane Trump’s presidency is. Like a normal president, even a weak one or one you disagree with will still surround himself with experts and competent staff to offer opinion and get shit done. They have their schedules packed all the time and they’re constantly working for stuff.

It’s insane how dysfunctional our executive branch is right now. And this crisis is the exact thing we need an executive branch to resolve. Congress is helping but they move too slow and are dysfunctional too. We needed executive actions and we need leadership. It’s literally the job of the president to do so. One of the first things they ever attacked Hillary for was her political ambition. “We’ll have TWO presidents!” they cried when Bill was elected. You could make the argument that she had more experience with how the presidency works than anyone else in recent history.. if you weren’t afraid of how reactionary rightwingers in our country would explode in misogynistic fury.

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