Zac Brown Band Girl I’m Not Old I’m Vintage Retro Shirt

Oh my god! I have not been satisfied with a single thing I have ordered from wish. It has all been either too fragile, too small, or completely different than what was shown in photos. Don’t trust the reviews, it mostly reviews from other products or websites. I’d like to find something good from that website one day. How the fuck does Wish even exist still? It’s abundantly clear (if you watch Youtube) that it’s almost entirely a scam, knockoff, parallel import, or pre-production sample.

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Sounds like the makings of a GoFundMe scam, “I’ll buy a shitty wedding dress off the internet, post pictures of it on Facebook about being ripped off, and people will start a GoFundMe page and donate so I can buy a real dress!”EVERYONE knows they’re getting ripped off when they buy something off Wish. Wish needs to he shut down as a company full of scammers, liars, and false advertisers. There are laws against all of their practices in every state they “operate” in.

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