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That is why we kill cops. Glad those two cops got kill yesterday. She just walked down and got blasted. More of that shit happen that was really cool to watch on the news and he got away clean and he will he shall be protected. It’s crazy that you need to go to school for years to uphold the law but only a few months of training to enforce it. We have a bunch of armed and unstable retards running around. It’s not all cops certainly. But it’s enough to desperately need a complete revamping of how police officers are educated and vetted.

You Don’t Need To Be Crazy To Work At Subway They Will Train You Shirt


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Time after time videos like this reveals that law enforcement officers are not intent on addressing an issue or merely asking a question and getting it answered. From the beginning, it’s about establishing and maintaining dominance on the basis of brute force and intimidation. This brings the worst out of society, which they in turn feed on. It’s a vicious cycle, but the burden is on the cops to break it, seeing as how they’re financed by our tax dollars and invested with a public trust.