Yoda Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug Shirt

To be honest, if someone can create a smoke alarm that knows that I’m cooking that’ll be great. Or at least have a function that allows me to yell; “I’m only fucking cooking!” And It’ll go back into standby mode I’ll also be happy so it doesn’t go off every time I’m cooking a meal. I feel like SpaceX being able to reuse rockets doesn’t get enough attention. Costs for getting stuff into space will go down.

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Yoda Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug Shirt

We have the technology for cleaner energy via solar and wind. It’s not carbon-neutral, because you never get the energy out of the thing that goes into making it, but it sure can put a dent in carbon emissions, so it’s better than nothing (edit: apparently I’m wrong on this. I’m skeptical, because of all the propaganda and activism surrounding the issue from both sides, but there you go.

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