Yes I Am Old But I Saw Dimebag Darrell On Stage Shirt

Because of the deal he made, where he still 100% owns his show (no matter what happens), and only agreed to a contract that states NO ONE can tell him what to do, say/not say, or who to have on or not have on… that means Spotify can huff & puff all they want, but still have no way to do these things w/o it being a breach of contract! It’s like if you agree to pay me so you can use my car (as it is) for a year. But then you start thinking our arrangement gives you some kind of ownership & decision making authority.

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I HAVE to let you paint the car a different color, I HAVE to let you change the leather seats to cloth seats, etc… at the end of the day, it’s like “I’m sorry you’re confused about our arrangement, but the answer is no… so either quit your bullshit or I’m good with just taking my car back, & do what I was doing before. Yeah, it was nice to have the extra money, but I never needed it.” Also, Rogan was already not just rich, but had ‘fuck you money’.

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