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Ok so maybe Trump dropped the ball here, but we’ll all be thanking him when the Space Force repels the alien invasion. That’s called being proactive, not reactive people. The POTUS has to make tough choices and this was really a no-brainer. I mean we’ve all seen Independence Day. No one wants to see that happen am I right? Thank you for your work. What’s crazy is the man in charge of this is up for RE-ELECTION. This is a dangerous time to have a man with no experience and no interest in the health of our nation to be in charge. Being the United States President is a real job, and he should be held accountable. (No really, THIS time he should be held accountable)

Working on My Boo Tee Funny Boo Halloween Gift Shirt


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American evangelicals (pence, Pompeo, etc.) spread this virus in order to fulfill biblical prophecy. They have done this through trump who they believe (and convinced him/he believes) is the messiah, but it showing to be a simulacrum of the antichrist. Biblical prophecy becomes reality when people actively make it happen. Essentially it is a playbook (whether intentionally implemented or circumstantial through fanaticism).