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Like that means ANYTHING anymore. As if all the heinous shit this family has done the past 4 years and it’s selling beans that get him in trouble? I think there is some photoshopping present, to make him not look like a trash bag full of rats asshair. But yeah, this really happened. That would hurt his big bribers though so he wouldn’t do it. Also, it might be good for the environment, which is bad. Oh, rest assured, they will declare the exact opposite about a Democrat president and will feel no shame whatsoever about it.

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Women Are Awesome Bikerchicks Are Perfect Shirt


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It is illegal, and it probably won’t result in anything happening. The Senate has made it clear during the impeachment that they will stand by Trump no matter what. That was the GOP admission that Trump did indeed committed impeachable offenses. It is a pretty dumb move if you ask me because Republicans now set a new precedent that Presidents can do whatever they want. Moscow Bitch already said he will rush in a new Supreme Court Justice if RBG’s spot opens.

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