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I 100% agree and had to come to this long-overdue conclusion myself recently. I cut the cord finally at the beginning of this season. Destiny 2 is no longer installed on my PS4 and is not likely to be re-installed even for the fall expansion. Even the current event is utterly unappetizing and laughably uninteresting. I have too many other things to do anyway, including other games and hobbies, to spend the amount of time required to participate in the current content. I bought into FFXIV and COD: Warzone instead, and am having a blast, as well as finally making progress on my single-player game backlog. I haven’t been this happy as a gamer in a long time, and breaking out of that sunk cost fallacy was all it took.

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According to wastedondestiny I have over 1054 hours played in d2. Almost 500 on steam since the switch. That’s almost 44 days of my life just playing this game. I know it’s not nearly as much as others, but still, I put a decent chunk of my time into it. I haven’t been on in nearly 3 weeks. I just can’t find the motivation to play the same thing time and time again with each new season. Until Bungie learns how to appreciate our time out into their game, I’m done.