When I’m Dead Just Throw Me In The Trash Vintage Retro Shirt

We bought black ceramic rings from Larson jewelers . com. I looked up a hardness chart online to compare metal strength and brittleness and etc. Decided to give ceramic a try. The above site has many options I think I paid about 350 for both after tax and shipping. They’re supposed to be just as durable and scratch-resistant. 2.5 years so far and no damage to mine. I’m constantly banging it on things too.

When I’m Dead Just Throw Me In The Trash Vintage Retro Shirt

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My dad broke his wedding ring when he was working on a car (he forgot to take it off). My mom got him a temporary replacement from a Walmart like store until it could be fixed. Unfortunately, his original ring wasn’t fixable. My mom was sad but he said “I don’t care how expensive the ring is as long as you are my wife.”

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