Weequahic High School Alumni Indians Shirt

I’ll say it Weequahic High School Alumni Indians Shirt again. Thor needs to give this kid Mjölnir! Not only is this young man worthy, he most certainly has shown that he possesses the strength and courage of a true superhero! This kid saved his sister thinking he would die in her place. Not just that she would get hurt and he didn’t want her to be. Not all children are aware of mortality and often only act knowing they’re being helpful, not that they will die instead. He said “if one of us had to die I thought it should be me” when asked why he got between his sister and the dog. There are grown adults who wouldn’t react that way, no matter the scenario. That picture is what a hero looks like. Bruised, wounded, but victorious. A young boy who saw someone younger than him get attacked, and stand in front. Someone who accepted death as an outcome but still managed to tell it ‘Not today.’

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