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I can never understand why Kishimoto decided to make him die such a meaningless and painful death, given that Konoha didn’t even change much after he died. The patriarchy and the fate which he tried to disobey and fought against for his entire life eventually made him a martyr for something that even wasn’t his own belief. The person whom he saved at the expense of his 17-year-short life became a complete absence of a father, which made the sequel “Boruto” a practical joke. Things and the plot of the story just… had been a clusterf*ck long before Neji’s death, but still, his death is what upsets me the most. Yes, of course, he could have died for a thousand different possibilities and reasons, yet Kishimoto’s way of story-telling just pushed me to the verge of fury.

Weekend Forecast Fishing With No Chance Of House Cleaning Or Cooking Shirt

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I think part of it has to do with Spider-Man’s death being spoiled for me before I watched, but honestly, even if it wasn’t I would still be shaking. Since Spider-Man’s death even shows that you can feel yourself dying, you already know T’Challa was feeling the sting of death. Despite this, he still goes to help Okoye up, saying “Up general, up. You’re not dying today.” Basically he showed that no matter what, you should always help out, even in the brink of death.