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And people have to remember, making abortion illegal won’t stop abortions it will only stop people from having safe abortions. If anybody thinks it will be any different than that, just point to any other ‘crime’ – just because murder, speeding, drink driving, hell even j-walking, etc are illegal doesn’t stop them from occurring. In fact, thinking about it, making abortions illegal would probably increase the percentage of late term abortions. Those abortions are ones that basically have to happen – most of them are done due to the risk to the mother’s health so have very little choice in the matter. And these are the ones that the pro-lifers are so set against. It’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

We Choose Hope Over Fear Truth Over Lies Joe Biden 2020 Signature Shirt


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It really is amazing how much they will hang onto this talking point. I don’t even mean the ones saying it, but the ones who believe it. There is no convincing them that there are no women out there that will just decide 8-9 months into their pregnancy that they just don’t want it anymore and will have the child aborted. It is crazy. When Trump talks about the VA governor “executing a baby” he is talking about a real child that was born to a loving mother. A baby with a fatal deformity that was being kept alive by machines until a decision was made to turn off life support.